Product Links

Here are some links to products that we use:
πŸ›’ DIY Climbing Hold Materials:
*Mold making materials – I used a different product in the video
*Mold Release
*All in one kit (low volume)
*Resin Dyes
*Large Stir Sticks
*Small Stir Sticks
*Measuring Cups
*Gram Scale
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*Foam for shaping
*Alt. Mold Release

πŸ›’ Shaping Tools/Other Items:
*Climbing Bolts
*Box Cutter
*Varied Rasps
*Sanding Foam/Sponge
*Assorted Grit Sand Paper
*Hot Glue + Gun
*Compressed Air

πŸ›’ Climbing Wall Materials:
*Climbing Bolts
*Screw-snaps (for cover)
*Extra Snaps (no screws)

πŸ›’ Computer/Tech:
*USB Extension Cable
*USB Type C Male to USB 3.0 Converter

*These are affiliate links, thanks for helping us out!