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Welcome to Send Story – a dedicated, or not so dedicated, hub for the story of sendage. If ‘it goes’, then it goes here too.

A quick introduction

You might be wondering what Send Story is? Well, it’s a lot of things, maybe the below can help answer some of your questions.

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ENERGY CRISIS 2020: Finding focus through climbing outdoors in the Niagara Glen

This was the year that drained my energy, but there was one thing has helped me keep chugging along—climbing. It has been my source of motivation for the past 5 years and carried me over many hurdles that have been thrown my way. I put together this video to give you an insight into how …

What does 5 years of climbing look like? Climbing/Bouldering progress in my 30s: Plateaus + injury

5 years ago today I walked into a climbing gym for the first time and bouldered myself into oblivion, but since then I have progressed. This is a continuation of my 3 years of climbing and bouldering video, which you can find here: What Does 3 Years Of Climbing Look Like? References from the video …


Hey gang, welcome!

What are we welcoming you to?
This is just a personal site and project that one day we will eventually maintain… maybe.

We realized that everything is posted to social platforms in small, quickly crafted, and instantly forgettable formats (for the most part). We wanted a place where we could try (emphasis on “try”) to properly document achievements and things that we were up to. Kind of like home videos, but you get to tag along too.

What makes us different?
Probably not a whole lot, but we wanted to create content from new adventurers as we progress in a bunch of new things we are trying. Learnings, adventures, and probably a lot of stupid shit – a.k.a. the stuff that you might laugh at, or, in the worst-case scenario, even learn something from.

Shoot us a message if you want to know more or have any requests!