We lost one of a kind.

We lost a great contributor to the outdoor and indoor climbing community. Matt was one of my first few climbing friends when I started climbing, he helped expose me to all that climbing had to offer, was one of the bouldering spotters I trusted most, promoted safe sport climbing, took care of others and the spaces around him. He selflessly volunteered himself to help out at events, competitions, clean-ups, and the list goes on. He is irreplaceable and leaves a vacancy that can be felt and observed all around me. I often go climbing to shake my head out from the reality that I don’t want to accept, but Matt was my climbing friend, and climbing reminds me of him, so this one will be hard to shake.

I miss you.

Thank you to Michelle for allowing me to use a few videos she had of Matt, and a special thanks to Jay Lee (aperture_open on Instagram) and Elena Zaralieva (elena_zaralieva on Instagram) for providing those photos that capture Matt so well.

If you are struggling with anything, don’t be afraid to reach out to someone, talk to friends and family, immerse yourself in a community of people who care. For me that is the climbing community, and I thank you for being so amazing.