Dreaming of warmer days – Send Story – 00004

As we thaw out of this crazy winter we had this year, we are looking forward to some warmer weather.

Just a few years ago, we had a summer that was the same as this winter… in a polar opposite kind of way. It started off slow, cold, and nothing like a summer should feel like. Then suddenly, when it should have been getting colder, we had the hottest day all year. Essentially we had summer in fall.

I had some fun editing this one together and I got some nostalgic vibes while doing so. It also got me excited because as I slowly work my way through the footage I have collected, I am another step closer to posting some more climbing videos.

So stay tuned, because the next video is going to an assortment of bouldering videos that I have collected from my days out in the Niagara Glen.

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