Matrix Road-Tripping Pt.3 (Climbing in Moab / Touring Arches National Park & Bonneville Salt Flats) – Send Story – 0009

The third instalment of our crazy road-trip we took 3 years ago. Here we found ourselves in this alien landscape that is Moab, UT. We tried our hands at bouldering on the Utah sandstone, sped through Arches National Park, checked out some of the best climbing gyms in the country, and explored the Bonneville Salt Flats. We never thought we wanted to get lost in the desert, and now we long to go back.

Subscribe if you want to see us continue to push this little hatchback to it’s limits. Next stop, B.C. Utah was just supposed to be an overnight stop enroute to the west coast, and it turned into 3.5 days of “I don’t want to leave”. There is so much more to see, and we hope we get to return. Any sights you would recommend for the next time we get to visit?

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