Matrix Road-Trip Pt.4: Driving across water from The Middle Of Nowhere to beautiful Vancouver Island – Send Story – 0010

Already on the fourth part of our super long road-trip we set out on 3 years ago in our Toyota Matrix. In this instalment we find ourselves laying down road as we cruise in our hatchback through Idaho, Oregon, and Washington State, on the way to touch down back on Canadian soil via British Columbia, en route to Vancouver Island.

We didn’t have anything in particular planned between our last stop in Utah and the next planned stop on Vancouver Island, but we still managed to keep ourselves engaged. From a random petting zoo, to getting an eyeful of the mountainous beauty that is The West, there was plenty of unforgettable moments to be had. As always, we made sure to stop at some local climbing gyms to test out some boulders, including Crag X and BoulderHouse in Victoria.

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