ENERGY CRISIS 2020: Finding focus through climbing outdoors in the Niagara Glen

This was the year that drained my energy, but there was one thing has helped me keep chugging along—climbing. It has been my source of motivation for the past 5 years and carried me over many hurdles that have been thrown my way. I put together this video to give you an insight into how bouldering in our local climbing sanctuary has become one of my favourite adventures, and how the Niagara Glen became a refuge from whatever might be going on in my life.

Energy Crisis is the first project I have had since starting rock climbing, but I know it wont be the last. There are more boulders out there for me to pull over the top of; I just need stay focused and find them.

*Remember proper etiquette and Leave No Trace at your local climbing area, or any climbing area for that matter.*

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