What does 5 years of climbing look like? Climbing/Bouldering progress in my 30s: Plateaus + injury

5 years ago today I walked into a climbing gym for the first time and bouldered myself into oblivion, but since then I have progressed. This is a continuation of my 3 years of climbing and bouldering video, which you can find here: What Does 3 Years Of Climbing Look Like?

References from the video in sequential order:
3 Years of Climbing Progression (linked above)
Birthday (aka Send Day)
My First v9 (Boulder Breakdown)
Building an Adjustable Climbing Wall
Climbing On Our Home Climbing Wall

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So what does 5 years of climbing look like? From a decade hunched in a chair behind a desk, to falling off of v0s, to progressing, to plateauing, and now to new grades and new experiences (and new hurdles). That’s what 5 years of climbing has looked like for me. Here’s to hoping the next 5 are just as awesome. Thanks for watching.

Gyms that appear in the video:
Boulderz Climbing Centre – Etobicoke
The Cave Climbing – Mississauga
Climbers Rock – Burlington
Alt Rock – Barrie
Central Rock Gym – Buffalo
The Junction Climbing Centre – London
Core Climbing – Kitchener
HUB Climbing – Markham
HUB Climbing – Mississauga
Joe Rockheads – Toronto
Up The Bloc – Mississauga

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