DIY Climbing Holds Pt. 5 – FINALLY Popping out holds and Pouring the Resin / THE END

Here is the FINAL video in the DIY Climbing Hold series where we get to pour the polyurethane resin into the molds and pop out climbing holds – a labour of love indeed. In the next video I am going to give the holds a real test drive so you can truly see how they turned out, so check back for that!

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If you haven’t seen our wall build series so far/you want a wall to make some holds for, you can find it here.

🛒 DIY Climbing Hold Materials:
*Mold making materials – I used a different product in the video
*Mold Release
*All in one kit (low volume)
*Resin Dyes
*Large Stir Sticks
*Small Stir Sticks
*Measuring Cups
*Gram Scale
*All Climbing Products
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*Foam for shaping
*Alt. Mold Release

🛒 Shaping Tools/Other Items:
*Climbing Bolts
*Box Cutter
*Varied Rasps
*Sanding Foam/Sponge
*Assorted Grit Sand Paper
*Hot Glue + Gun
*Compressed Air

🛒 Climbing Wall Materials:
*Climbing Bolts

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