Tearing down the climbing wall & dismantling the “mini studio”.

Goodbyes are hard, even when they are directed at inanimate objects and places. As we started removing all the climbing holds and tearing down the bouldering wall (no more bouldering for a while) and eventually the rest of the place… I started to get “the feels” (wow, lots of quote marks in this description). I figured it might be worthwhile showing you my “studio” (there’s another) space and where “the magic happens” (…and one more).

If you haven’t seen our wall build series, you can find it here.

🛒 DIY Studio Equipment:
*SmallRig Arm
*Or SmallRig Arm + Clamp
*Camera Quick Release
*Neewer LED Light
*Or RGB LED Light
*Godox VL150
*Rode VideoMic Go

🛒 DIY Climbing Hold Materials:
*All in one kit (low volume)
*All Climbing Products
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