DIY Climbing Holds – Full Series

So you want to make your own climbing holds? Maybe it’s because you have a home climbing wall, or maybe because you want to have some holds to train on above your door frame, or maybe it’s because you are an entrepreneur, or heck, maybe it’s because you just really like climbing and love the idea of sculpting holds. For me, it was all of the above, so I went about seeing how I could output the best quality holds at home in Do It Yourself style, with materials mostly available and usable at home.

The list of some of the DIY Climbing Hold Materials you might need/want to purchase are listed at the bottom of this post.

Here is the summary video for those who are just curious about the climbing hold making process – here you can see the start to end process without committing to the full time-sink:

As mentioned in that video, here are the full videos in the series that get more into the details of making polyurethane climbing holds:

This is the intro video. We discuss some topics and questions you need to ask yourself before starting to make climbing holds, like what materials you will be using and for what purpose.
Here we start to get into the shaping process and discuss different ways of approaching shaping.
Here we wrap up the shaping process, including making different shapes and adding in the details for the bolt holes and set screws.
Things start getting a bit more exciting as we move into the mold making process. We talk about how to best pour and make use of your silicone materials.
This is the final(ish) video in the series where we finally pop out the finished polyurethane climbing holds! Exciting! You will see how we prep the molds, add the washers, mix the resin materials, and remove the holds from the molds!

This page will probably be updated as I field questions or add any details about the process at a later date – believe it or not, I had to cut a lot of little details out to keep these videos remotely digestible. I also will possibly make more videos in the future that will live here too. That is it for the technical side of making holds, but as mentioned in the last video… THERE’S MORE!!! What good is it to show you how to make holds, if I don’t do some QA and show you how they climb?

So I made this wacky home climbing wall/DIY hold climbing video, hopefully you enjoy the ridiculousness that it is:

🛒 DIY Climbing Hold Materials:
*Mold making materials – I used a different product in the video
*Mold Release
*All in one kit (low volume)
*Resin Dyes
*Large Stir Sticks
*Small Stir Sticks
*Measuring Cups
*Gram Scale
*All Climbing Products
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*Foam for shaping
*Alt. Mold Release

🛒 Shaping Tools/Other Items:
*Climbing Bolts
*Box Cutter
*Varied Rasps
*Sanding Foam/Sponge
*Assorted Grit Sand Paper
*Hot Glue + Gun
*Compressed Air

🛒 Climbing Wall Materials:
*Climbing Bolts

*These are affiliate links that help us out. Thanks!

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