Why I stopped climbing & disappeared.

Climbing means more than the world to me, but it’s not everything and the real world keeps turning, whether I like it or not. Going outdoors, to the gym, sport climbing, bouldering, and all the that the sport has to offer has been my escape, it’s been my refuge, but what happens when you lose that?

This is the reality that I have been faced with and I have felt like I’ve been slowly losing a piece of myself. Climbing has been my beacon of hope, and I hope that I can soon return to it and find myself again.

If you are struggling with all that life throws at you, know you aren’t alone, and know that just like the tides, these waves come and go. Seek help if you need it, there is no shame. Talk to loved ones. Take a break. Do whatever you need to do. There is only one of you, and you deserve it.

I hope to get back to some more fun videos soon… well, as soon as life will allow. Thanks for sticking with me.