What grade is this? New holds on the home climbing wall.

It’s been a while since there has been a home climbing wall video, so here we go!

I figured I would just take you along a little bouldering session and how I climb on the wall annnnnd that slowly turned into a projecting night where I spent waaaay too long on one boulder problem.

I feel like I have been whipping myself back into shape, so I feel like this was actually a pretty hard problem for me that leaned into all of my weaknesses (spoiler alert, there are a lot: “minimal” crimps, pinches, high-feet, and toe hooks).

So yea, let me know if you want to take a stab at the grade, obviously it is nearly impossible to properly do so without physically trying it, but I tried to provide as much video evidence of it’s difficulty as possible. So have at’er.

Here are some materials to get you going on your own wall build:
*Climbing Bolts
*T-Nuts (hammer-ins, I couldn’t find screw-ins)

Some of the holds I am setting with are my own DIY holds!
I will be posting a video about that soon, but in the meantime you can stock up on materials to make your own as well:
DIY Climbing Hold Materials:
*Mold making materials – I used a different product in the video
*Mold Release
*All in one kit (low volume)
*Resin Dyes
*Large Stir Sticks
*Small Stir Sticks
*Measuring Cups
*Gram Scale
*All Climbing Products
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